Earthship Academy - Session 2: Update (Day 15)

Academy (Day 15) - Back into the classroom for the last day of the week. Before lectures Kirsten entertained us with the history storytelling of The Hive and we were brought out to tour The Hive Earthship which not serves as the dorm style accommodations for the interns.

Next a lecture with Michelle on part 1 of food production. She went over her personal history within the Earthship community and the continuing experimentation with interior food production. Notable layering of veggies, fruits, and mushrooms.. along with functional air cleaning plants which can live and grow symbiotically within the grey water beds.

A following lecture featured Phil Basehart going over all types of Earthship designs and evolution through the years. Modular, Hut, Packaged, Simple Survival, and Global Earthship Models all covered and explained in detail.

Finally, we were caravened out to 3 separate Earthships in the community in order to view the different design models in person.